22 September 2011

The Quilter's Bible by Linda Clements

There are so many 'complete guides to quilting' etc on the market, I thought it might be helpful to document exactly what is inside this book as you may well be referring to it for a very long time.

The Quilter's Bible is written by Linda Clements whose passion is quilting (of course!) with a background in publishing and book production.  Linda is very grateful to the many talented and creative quilters who have contributed projects and work to this book, such as:   Lynette Anderson, Susan Briscoe, Lynne Edwards, Carolyn Forster, Lynette Jensen, Gail Lawther, Pam and Nicky Lintott, Anne Muxworthy and many more.

The book starts out with covering the beginning quilting essentials of Tools, Materials, Working with Fabrics, Using Templates, Drawing and Cutting Shapes and Using Technology.

Note:  Under the Using Technology section there is only a cursory mention of the Electric Quilt Software which doesn't do it justice.  If you have made a couple of quilts and you are addicted, Electric Quilt is an absolute dream to work with.  We cannot give it enough high praise for ease of use, time saving possibilities, fast designing, showcasing colour and calculating fabric requirements.  See our other Blog notes about Electric Quilt.

The book then goes on and covers Patchwork, Applique, Quilting and Finishing Off.  I have listed below each topic covered under these headings where you will find photo's, diagrams, thorough explanations and descriptions.

Bonus:  There is a project to go with almost all of these sub-headings.

Patchwork Settings, Working with Blocks, Scrap Quilts, Sampler Quilts, Hand Piecing, English Paper Piecing, Machine Piecing, Patchwork with Squares and Rectangles, Patchwork with Strips, Seminole Patchwork, Bargello Patchwork, String Patchwork, Patchwork with Triangles, Patchwork with Diamonds and Polygons, Patchwork with Curves, Pictorial Patchwork, Foundation Piecing, Crazy Patchwork, Puffed Patchwork, Folded Patchwork, Fabric Special Effects, Quilt Art, Using Sashing, Using Borders.

Fabrics and Threads for Applique, Motifs and Templates, Needle-Turn Applique, 3-D Applique, Freezer Paper Applique, Fusible Web Applique, Edging Applique, Applique Perse, Hawaiian Applique, Reverse Applique, Shadow Applique, Inlaid Applique, Bias Strip Applique, Shisha.

Preparing to Quilt, Choosing Quilting Designs, Marking Designs, Hand Quilting, Big Stitch Quilting, Whole Cloth Quilting, Celtic Quilting, Sashiko, Kantha Quilting, Machine Quilting, Free-motion Quilting, Long-arm Quilting, Quilt-as-you-go, Tied Quilting, Corded Quilting, Stuffed Quilting, Decorative Quilting.

Finishing Off:
Finishing Edges, Final Touches, Useful Stitches, Project Marking Up, Useful information, Templates.

If I had the time, this is the kind of book you could use to work through a different technique every day, or every week.  By the end of writing this Blog, I have decided I need to add it to my patchwork book collection because it is just so comprehensive and inspiring.

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