22 March 2010

Nickel Bricks Quilt from "Loose Change"

In May 2009 I posted a Blog about Catherine and I making this pattern from the quilt book "Loose Change". There was fast progress in the beginning and this image was taken in August '09 as we used a design sheet to audition the block layout (and a ladder for dimension.... it is much more effective to hang your design sheet on the wall). Now no-one could accuse me of being a prolific quilter .... progress has slowed somewhat. Catherine has gone on to make the identical quilt pattern, however she used all Kaffe Fasset fabrics with a solid black, whereas I have used a combination of Kaffe and Bali Watercolours. Catherine's is now almost finished - the top is finished, it was layered and pinned together in our training room (she used Kaffe Paisley as her backing) and she has now mastered 'stitch in the ditch'. Having seen the stunning results of Catherine's creation, I have changed direction with my design (again), deciding to make a queen size, featuring all Kaffe fabric in the middle 20 blocks with those pictured becoming an outside frame. The good news is we have had plenty of new Kaffe prints arrive so I have had the pleasure of choosing from more luscious colours and fabulous designs. Sandra.

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