05 January 2011

Top 10 Reasons Why Quilters Use EQ7

Here are the top 10 reasons why quilters use EQ7:

1 Save money by printing your own patterns. EQ7 has over 5000 blocks. Or make money by becoming a professional designer yourself!
“With this new version, I really can design whatever comes out of my imagination. There's no limit to my creativity….”Scarlett Rose, http://www.scarlettrose.com/

2 Preview fabric in your quilt before you sew.
“I never tried to scan fabrics before because I thought it would be too much trouble. WOW! I did it tonight on EQ7 and it was the easiest thing I have ever had to do with a computer.” Carol Maddox

3 Invent new block designs instantly, without drawing.
“The addictive Clip and Flip, Shrink and Flip, Kaleidoscope, and Fancy Star block capabilities create seemingly endless ways to develop new blocks.”Linda Erickson

4 Create quilt or block images for your blog or web site.
See how Judy Butcher designs a new quilt daily for her blog.

5 Let EQ7 do the math, calculating yardage for you.
“EQ7 does a lot of the work that was hard for me (math!!) and makes it fun to plan a project."Sue Legg

6 Personalize quilts with photos.
Read how Liza Lucy made a special and easy photo quilt, designing, editing photos and printing on fabric right from EQ7.

7 Design and print quilt labels.
It’s so easy to make a special label for your quilt! See real-life examples here.

8 Gain design and color confidence.
“You just have to try the brand new Swath Tool. Have you ever wanted to put a meandering line of Flying Geese in a Fall Picture? Now you can… “Jo Moury

9 Preview quilting on your quilt.
See some of the beautiful quilting designs EQ users have created!

10 Get a helping hand whenever you need it.
“For everybody with any ''fear'' of EQ7: not necessary...just buy, install and play!!”Yvonne Muller, Netherlands
"The dynamic help feature, videos and EQ7 help manual built into the software make this an exceptionally easy program to learn."Katrina Hamer, Washington
“For brand new beginners, there are tutorials and help topics galore, plus the very kind real people at EQ, always ready to explain."Nancy in Mississippi

This text is from the Electric Quilt Website. Regards Sandra.